The CSZ Board meets on the last Tuesday of each month AT THE FIRE STATION


The CSZ Board advises the Rural Fire Protection District (RFPD) on the use of our Benefit Fees. When local funds (Pancake Breakfast, etc.) are raised, the Board has the discretion to determine how the funds are spent. The Board applies for grants, that along with local funds can supplement our basic equipment and supplies for Emergency Medical , Firefighting, and the Fire Station. Five Deerhorn residents serve staggered 2-year terms. Our current Board is:

• Sandra Ignosci, President • Karen Thomason, Treasurer • Susie Norton, Secretary • Ruth Brewer, Community Member • Mike Sandvig, Building and Grounds Overseer

The most recent information about the CSZ and its work was sent out to the community in May 2011. You can also download a copy here. It has some excellent information for all residents in the backcountry who rely so much on the emergency services provided by Deerhorn Fire Station #37.


To all who benefit from the services of Rural Station 37, Deerhorn Valley, 2011




... A Brief History


The Deerhorn Valley Volunteer Fire Department was created in 1975, along with a Ladies' Auxiliary. Volunteers trained for a full year before they received their first equipment: an older Triple Action Pumper.


The engine and equipment was first moved to the Bennett's property on Deerhorn Valley Road, and in 1979 operations moved temporarily to the brown metal building belonging to Paul and Dianne Jacob on Honey Springs Rd. The community pooled its resources, and bought a ten-year-old Ford Attack pumper from the City of Chula Vista.



In 1987 the DVVFD Board determined that Deerhorn Valley needed a permanent fire station.

The search for land began. Our rocky terrain made it difficult to find a proper, central location. The search ended when the Jacob Family, as a gift to the community, donated a large parcel of flat land for the site on Honey Springs Road.

With the donation of land, community fundraising began in earnest. $40,000 in fundraiser money, donations, and pledges were collected over the next 3 years for the new station/community center.


In 1990 The DVVFD Board placed a proposition on the November ballot asking Deerhorn Valley voters to approve a Community Service Zone and Benefits Fee to provide financial support for the department's new station. The results were stunning – over 80% of Deerhorn Valley’s registered voters turned out to vote, and 76% supported the proposition in the highest voter turn-out ever in a San Diego Special Election.


Groundbreaking began in September of 1992. Much effort went into designing the station to meet the needs of both the fire department and the community, and construction began. There were many obstacles, but Paul Jacob and a core group of community volunteers guided the process to completion.


On September 26, 1993, the new station was dedicated to the Deerhorn Valley Volunteer Fire Department and its proud community.

The community’s continued support of its Fire Department is an expression of appreciation for the years of dedicated service of the many department volunteers who have given so much to this community’s safety and well-being.

If you pay a visit to our Fire Station, you will see a timeline of this "Brief History" on the wall, along with the names of our original volunteer firefighters:

DV Volunteer Firefighters....

"The Originals"


Don Payne, Fire Chief

Floyd Bennett, Asst. Chief

Larry Ballard

George Boyle

Rollie Heckathorn

Lon Ann McDaniel

Bill Parker

Doug Shorter

Dan Bennett

Ron Edwards

Herb Honnegger

Rod McKinley

Bill Reed

Esther Sims

Lee Bennett

Ray Elmer

Dean Larsen

Al Merwin

Gene Reif

Will Smith

Leonard Blaisdell

Ron Gilmore

Leslie Locken

Forrest Olsen

Janice Rines

Dennis Thompson

Your Benefit Fee .... Where Does It Go?

–Anne Evosevich, CSZ President



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