Deerhorn Valley Fire Station Auxiliary



The Deerhorn Valley Volunteer Fire Auxiliary will be on hiatus until we can enlist some brave community members to serve with us on our Board (hint, hint!).  In order to continue with our yearly fundraising events we need board members or people to lead the planning of an event. We know we have the spirit here, and that everyone's time is limited. But maybe... just MAYbe... there are a couple of folks that could spend a little time helping to plan the events that support our Volunteer Fire Fighters/EMT’s and the Deerhorn Valley fire station:

The Auxiliary needs a president, vice president and a secretary.  If you have the leadership abilities, some extra time a love for this community, and would like to be instrumental in promoting events that will benefit the Deerhorn Valley Fire Station, please contact Phyllis Dozier or Sarah Evosevich who are holding down the fort until reinforcements arrive.

OR are you the one that would like to be a coordinator for a future fundraiser?  It could be a Pancake Breakfast, BBQ or a fundraising event of any size or imagination. There are a lot of folks who will help, so you won't be on your own!

Perhaps you are an idea person or you just know how to get in and get things done, have some organizational skills, or a team player or support person. Maybe you have special abilities in specific areas of need and would like to serve in that capacity when needed. There is a place for you!

If you are available in any capacity, please let us know, along with any ideas, feedback, or concerns that could help us re-invigorate the Auxiliary.

Don’t forget to visit, our community website where you are invited to contribute to its contents.

Thank you for your past and continued support.

Phyllis Dozier, Secretary  
Sarah Evosevich, Treasurer  
Auxiliary Email




New signs are larger and more visible.

You must have signage that meets 2011 Fire Code to be eligible for a 2013 Powerlink Fire Grant.


There is an IMMEDIATE need throughout DV for highly-visible address signs to help locate driveways and homes. In an emergency, at night, or in smokey conditions, can firefighters or paramedics see your address sign . . . find your home? Google maps and Thomas Bros. are NOT adequate in a rural area such as Deerhorn and Lyons Valleys.



Without clear signage, how will emergency responders know there are four homes down this feeder driveway?



Remember that what we see during the day, or in clear (not smoky) conditions is far different from what our first responders will see on a foggy night or during a major wildfire.



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