SDRFPD* Deerhorn Valley Station 37

*San Diego Rural Fire Protetion District


John Kremensky, Battalion Chief, Cal Fire

Joe Potter: Station Manager

Lars Sandvig: Assistant Manger


All Volunteers are managed though cooperation of the San Diego Rural Fire Protection District, CAL FIRE, and San Diego County Fire Authority.

Stipend and workman’s compensation is provided by San Diego County Fire Authority.

Volunteer Minimum Qualifications

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a High School diploma or GED
  • Must have successful completion of the following screening:

Drug, Driving, and Background




THE BACKGROUND PROCESS will take anywhere from 14 to 30 days depending on the records search’s. After the applicants background check are approved, the applicant will be placed on a new recruits list, prioritized by operational needs, and enrolled in a 9 week Fire Academy on Thursday nights and Saturdays. Topics include Structural, Wildland and other fires, Rescue, Vehicle accidents, and Hazardous Materials. Additionally, volunteers are required to have Emergency Medical training in CPR and EMT.

After completing the initial required training, the volunteer will be assigned to one of SDR 14 fire stations and be required to work at least Three 24 hour shifts per month. In addition, the volunteer will be required to continue regularly scheduled ongoing training, complete annual proficiency testing, and renew Hazmat, EMT/EMR and CPR training as required.


Application packets are available at:

Cal Fire/SDCFA Headquarters

2249 Jamacha Road,

El Cajon California 92019

Attention: Volunteer Coordinator.


With all our focus on wildfire, it's sometimes easy to overlook how much we depend upon Station 37 for medical and other emergencies. We are so thankful for our firefighters/EMT's. Special thanks to Batallion Chief John Kremensky for providing this monthly update.

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July 19, 2010 – DV Fire Station #37 was first on scene when a brushfire broke out on the Spices in Upper Deerhorn. Full Story.


Many thanks to Chief Kremensky who has made these logs available. They remind us all of just how important our firefighters are.




1/1/2011- Traffic Collision. Hwy 94. E7317 Canceled en route

1/2/2011- Traffic Collision- Motorcycle Down. Lawson Valley Rd. E3353, E7317, E7316, M66

1/2/2011- Medical Aid. Daum Rd. E7317. E3353, M66

1/2/2011- Traffic Collision. Hwy 94. E7317 Canceled en route

1/4/2011- Reported Explosion. Cinnamon Dr. E7317, E3353, B7404

1/5/2011- Medical Aid. Elena Ln. E7317, E3353, M66

1/6/2011- Medical Aid. E7317, E3353, M86

1/8/2011- Traffic Collision. Hwy 94. B3313, E3363, E7317, E7316, E3353, M66

1/8/2011- Medical Aid. Honey Springs Rd. E7317, E3353, AMR

1/9/2011- PSA. Animal Assist. Deerhorn Valley Rd. E7317

1/13/2011- Medical Aid. Lyons Valley Rd.E7317, M66

1/21/2011- Structure Fire. Lyons Valley Rd. E7317, E3383,E7316, E3363, R7482

1/22/2011- Traffic Collision- motorcycle down. Lyons Valley Rd./ Japatul Valley Rd. E7317, Canceled en route

1/25/2011- Medical Aid. Lyons Creek Rd. E7217, E3383, M66

1/26/2011- Motorhome Fire. WT 7357, E7316, E3383, B7202

1/28/2011- Vegetation Fire- Pole Line Rd Tecate. E7317 Canceled en route

1/28/2011- Traffic Collision. Honey Springs Rd. E7317, E7317, E3363, M66

The ARCHIVES: 2010

January - June 2010

July - December 2010

Honey Springs & Spice Roads Fire Stories & Photos


When a brushfire broke out in the Spice Roads of Upper Deerhorn, DV Volunteer Firefighters were first on the scene.



The Honey Springs Fire was started with a vehicle accident. Whilewinching the carr back onto the pavement sparks set fire to the surrounding brush and quickly ran the hill..



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