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Thank you, Firefighters!

firecrewAll-Out Response to Deerhorn Wildfire

MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010

July 19, 2010 The first warning for residents came with the wail of our yellow fire engine as it headed up Deerhorn Valley Road just before 11:00 am on Monday (7/19) morning. 

Volunteer Firefighters Lars Sandvig and Derek LaFrontiere from Deerhorn Station #37 were first on the scene.  They quickly established command and began fire-surpression tactics.  Battalion Chief  John Kremensky and other fire command personnel praised their professional response and outstanding effort.

Soon a full arsenal of equipment and manpower arrived: two Sheriff helicopters and a fire attack helicopter; two air tankers, and one air tactical to coordinate the air response; eight fire engines, two water pumpers, and the Battalion Chief unit.  It was a multi-agency response from San Diego Rural Deerhorn Station #37, CalFire, US Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife, as well as volunteer firefighters from Campo.

As anyone who witnessed the response to the fire can verify: it was immediate and overwhelming.  The fire was contained at 5.6 acres.  The property itself was vacant (the former house lost in the Harris Fire).  Two fire investigators will probe the cause, which is undetermined at this point.  Work had been done at the site during the last few days, but no one was there at the time the first unit responded.

The response lasted more than 6 hours, with the final mop up completed at 5:00 pm Monday afternoon.  Fire fighters from the Deerhorn Station kept a close eye over the following 24 hours to make sure all hotspots remained safely out.

Every resident here is so very grateful for the rapid and massive response today.  Many, many thanks to the firefighters, pilots, and tactical coordinators who kept this fire contained and under control.

- A big thanks to Chief John Kremensky for sharing these details so promptly.

PS--The remodeling work on our Fire Station moving along.  Air conditioning was installed just prior to this week’s hot and humid weather, no doubt greatly appreciated by our fire fighters manning the station. It's good to have them rested and read to roll. Thanks, guys!

Michelle and Gregg Grimaldo sent these photos (below) of the Spice Fire Upper Deerhorn Valley. Although the Grimaldo's lost their home in the Harris Fire, it was Michelle who chalked the "Thank You, Firefighters" on the Deerhorn Valley sign at the S-curves on Honey Springs (last photo on page).













A rollover accident on Honey Springs Road resulted in a brush fire that moved up the hill in that area of the old Honey Springs Ranch. The driver has apparently returned to extracate his care, and in towing it out, the car caught fire and spread to the dry grasses and brush. CalFire units responded, including Deerhorn Station #37. With air support the fire was contained at approximately 3:15 and limited to 20 acres. We are SO lucky we have equipment and crew at our Station over this weekend. In the photo, notice the lines of firefighters to the right and left of the burn area.

5:15 PM From Marcia Spurgeon: Honey Springs Road:

Hi everyone, The fire was caused by a car accident and the car caught on fire. The fire quickly spread east with a good breeze. It crested the ridge just before the Honey Springs Ranch Barn. The fire department along with great and rapid air support suppressed the fire quickly. The Border Patrol and Sherriff were also very involved. Hopefully no one was injured in the accident or fire. I did get some pictures put I can't down load them at home. They are mopping up still but we are extremely thankful for our wonderful fire department. Also, thanks for reporting these important alerts.


-- Mark Payne was on the scene of the Honey Springs Fire and captured these shots of our fire fighters in action. Thanks, Mark!






October 2007 - Our Welcome Signon Honey Springs Rd. survived with one leg intact and most of the map. Inscribed in the burned area on the right is this message:


Message left by Michelle Grimaldo after the 2007 Harris Fire.