The Deerhorn Valley Journal: A Place For Sharing and Remembering


“Children‘ Faces”


Children’s faces in the summer rain

bring to my heart the gentle pain


of a time and a place

so long gone bye


when play in the rain

as they did I


Jim Norton 1968


Deerhorn Valley An Introduction . . . . . . . 2

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kindling assorted memories in persons

Southern California is not blessed

The dry environ of this

This dense, symbiotic meld of

Paved two-lane Honey Springs Road,


The limitations of our access




Deerhorn Valley, California


In the southwest corner of

 Deerhorn isn’t one valley,

The flats and valleys where

The Journal is still just an idea, but we've created a place for it here. There are stories of the Brattons who first came to settle, the Walkers, the Harvey Family of Winnetka Ranch, and the First People who left their shards and stone tools in our soils.

There are writers and observers among us who continue to watch our chaparral and oak woodlands as they have been changed by drought, flood, and fires.

This page is an idea waiting to become real, and it invites you to contribute a bit of yourself.

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